Leave It All Up To You Lyrics

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Leave It All Up To You Girl
Am I hitting it tonight?
I'm gonna Leave It All Up To You Girl
You Gotta Break The Ice
Leave It All Up To You Girl
It's Gun Be Worth Those Nights
I'm gonna Leave It All Up To You Girl
It's What You Wanna Do

Let's Make Sex A Holiday
Let's Celebrate All Night And All Day
Baby Girl What Does It Take
A Little Foreplay We Can Sex The Night Away

Yeah Girl I'm gonna Leave It Up To You
I Wanna See What Your Gonna Do
'cause Tonight It's Only Me And You
Yeah Yeah Woah
Let Me Do you After School Like Some Homework
But Please Don't Give Me No STD's
I'm gonna Leave It Up To You To Please Me
Age Ain't Nothing But A Number
You Don't Need ID For Me
I'll Be Your Lover Undercover
And You Ain't Gotta Tell Your Mother We're In Love With Each other
Because Our First Chance To Romance
We Can Sneak Away And Take Trip To France With Your Friends
But Tonight I'm All Yours
Leave It Up To You To Devour This Full Course
With Dessert of course
So What You Waiting For
You're Stuttering Saying Gimme Gimme More Gimme Gimme Gimme More

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Let's Take Our Time Slow It Down
I'm gonna Show You How A Real Player Get Down
I'm a Blue Star Baby Ain't No Pressure
Come Over Here Let Me Lift Your Dress Up
On The Dresser What's your Pleasure
Call Up The Maid And She Can Clean The Mess Up
Don't Say Nothing Baby Hold That Thought

Every Thing I Do Is Messed Up
You Got Me Torn Up
Like Latoya Lucket
Wanna Drop It In Your Bucket
I'm a Player Tryna Crush It
I Can Tell That You Want It
Oh Honey You Got My Feelings Involved
I Wanna Cuff It
Been 2 Weeks 4 Days 1 hour
And I Still Ain't Touch It
I Wanna Put It In Your Stomach Like Some Robitussin
your Body Language Telling Me you Want The Same Thang
you Not No Ordinary Girl 'cause You're My Main Thang
This Ain't No Guessing Game
I'm Not Tryna Play Hang Man
Show You Thangz, Buy You Thangz
Oh You're A Sexy Thang
Ice In Your Earring
Ice On Your Pinky Ring
Ice On Your tongue ring
That's ice on my ding-a-ling