Normandy Lyrics

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We drove through misty canyons
Our destination seemed resolved
But through highbeams tragedy called

It seemed like a normal evening
We rode in silent walls between
Our wills, like guillotines

I sped on mountain roads as
Your words came piercing through my chest
I'm your usual suspect

I turned my head in defense
That's when I heard you crash

In siren screams like rival factions
Two stories are told
We never knew at any moment
We might just implode

They're watching you crashing into
Crashing into me
And wishing they had what we see

[lyrics was taken from] Had what we see
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Had what we believe

We were magnetic fields when
We came together long ago
You glowed like burning halos

But we spent a lifetime on the
Beaches of Normandy in vain
what for I can't explain

I looked to you from the darkened highway
Facing you in tears
And in that moment, metal twisted
And you disappeared

They're watching you crashing into
crashing into me
And wishing they had what we see
Had what we see
Had what we believe

A fatal evening's drive is what they always will assume
But I know better as I collide face first with you