Robert Goulet (On The River Nile) Lyrics

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Looking at the valley below
Mary Poppins flies by on a rattlesnake and
I burry my head in the Egyptian snow

Robert Goulet on the River Nile
Blue moon winking at the sky
Look ????? ??? in his big ol' smile
Crowching in the weeds
I watch the boat float by

They float by
They float by

Meltromay kissing a camel lip

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His pinky ring glistening in the sun
Back-up band is a monkey and a horse
Mel can barely bow when the band is done
Eating gourmet on a by-plane wing
Her silver tooth blinding the crowd
Pilot does a barrell roll flip and stallin
And a chorus girl mosh pit breaks her fall

We brake her fall
Brake her fall