Supersonics Lyrics

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Ladies and gentlemen shout the name
Seattle SuperSonics
Are basketball bionic

And Gary Payton was on
Bounce pass up court to Shawn
And the crowd sang along

SuperSonics oh yeah [crowd]
[Kevin Calabro:]
Not just a regular team

Nate McMillan with it, he is free over to Shremp
In the corner, Gary wide open, he deLIVERS! YES!
Gary Payton hits the three... aye caramba!

15 seconds to play
Detlef with the baseline J

[lyrics was taken from] Up court fast break invaders
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The slam dunk terminators

Fans can rattle the roof
Nothing but net Big Smooth
Five guys in a groove

SuperSonics oh yeah [crowd]
[Kevin:] not just a regular team

Get up Reign Man and make 'em good!
Golly is that kid strong! Oh it's getting weird in here...
Oh Ali Baba... nobody do the voodoo like you do!

SuperSonics oh yeah [x8]

[Kevin:] not just a regular team... YOUR Seattle SUPERSonics!