Wanna Battle Lyrics

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Remember back in the time when it was all about the stupiest rhymes
Way before Malique he be kickin` the the wickedest flows and tickish lines
But hey it`s a little bit changed now, it`s getting more strange now
I`m fellin` the pain I`m sick of the dirty game and sick of the flirty dames now
I`m sick of them kekos who kickin` their similes so similar to the mista
I`m sick of them people that takin` advantage now is you diggin the picture
Slick with the raps I`m bringing, I`m killin` any cats in sings sings
Your cat wanna battle me? Bring him in the ring ring
And see this killa be sting him

But I have a bad habit
I like to fight people who fight well

Wanna battle me dribbin`
Gonna be laughin` at you like you be tickin`
While I be goin` fast you be trickin`
Doze off like a dose of penicillin
And even thought you be figurin` wit the flow your deliverin`
In a bose speaker bein` in
For this ear to be listenin`
Keep your head up for a dissin`, I`m good like finger lickin`
Wanna test the best and get yourself in a mess
While you kickin` a dress
I`ll be up in the press
Never settle for less
While you`re takin a rest
And you tellin` depressed like a sick in your chest
So bring it on and lay it down
And now you know I get around and while you kickin` it
I`ll be the fella in the back puffin under breath lickin` it

Holler at me if you wanna battle, battle
Blow with your lingo we get it started
Holler at me if you wanna battle, battle
Blow with your lingo

Get ready for the attack `cos look who`s back
Mizz Nina comin` throught with the crew and Too Phat
Have you ever seen a hot b-girl emcee
I bust rhymes with mad styles
Positions, baby freeze
So please acknowledge the fact that I`m equal in this hip hop sequel
Don`t be judgin` on my physicals I swallow you and your crew like smallrainsins
Whether sober or under intense intoxication
What you facin` are nights full of frustration
It`s amazing now I always keep my raps blazin`
Hot like cajun, withness the chicks assassination
This evident, believe my hip hop dedications
This highness be with wisdom, touchin` upon my microphone
Lyrical fitness, the impact like a hitlist
Keep your ishlist and won`t stop till I`m finished, what?

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Your whole style is feminine
Sinkin when you spittin `em
No make fans be diggin `em
Cause I be the one who addictin` `em
Sugar make you high like I`m lemon gin
Grillin` any man like I`m Eminem
Who`s the best chump? Bring `em in
I`ll stomp on him wit` ma Timbalands
Y`all know I ain`t no fairy yo, some might think I`m a scary ho
Mind full of war scenarious, Noreen remain impertal

My dribbin` don`t impress you
But would you be depressed
If I undress your female siblin`
With my tickkin` too, in the freakin pool
Swing my diggity dingaling from Petaling too Timbuktu
And got me im promptu freestylin` spits blow you to hits
Turn your fans into my fanatics
Jizzow addict we`z a force to be reckoned with
Now don`t you know I can pull it off slow
But then again I could be droppin` gems
At 1000 bpm got more bars than pens
You gonna tell your friend that imma dope no doubt like gwen
What I talk about is genuine, like autobot I always win

No more time to be silent, it`s time to get violent
Cause you know here I come with the bomb and it`s pumpin`
So best to beware don`t sit down and just stare
Pump it up in the air when you know we are there
Get it up and down comin` to you straight from the underground
Buck buck pow it`s the sounds of the shallow streets of my hood
And it`s makin me frown
Steadily standin` me, feelin` me, backin` me, bring it on to the top
Better just makin it real so you can feel the beat don`t make you drop
Get you groove` on, put your strap on
Don`t keep me waiting too long cause I`m a blow it off

Fell ma` heat when I`m home alone
Couldn`t keep me asleep gotta sleep till down
Shall I stick with me click
Might get rid of the beat so I sit on
My seat `fore I slip or get prick on my feet make me sick
As I peeped out the street, got a tip for the treat
Better hit down the beat start to lead on this song
Couldn`t keep me home, close up the wind blow
Get in the car and close up the window lookin` in far and
Ya`ll better be hoyer me for battle as I rebel against the devil
Friends form the past
Enemy who dares to stop on my chest go ahead
Be my quest!