Deviant Ingredient Lyrics

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Heading down that martini mile
It s a shallow existence - but oh yeah
i need it - I want it
I got to have it

Neon scene on Martini Mile
Pink lady with a blue smile
Show me yours and I ll show you mine

Oh man it s love this time
Sun sinking bright red
We ve got that deviant ingredient

Strip naked soul soup - delirious
Ooo - the deviant ingredient
So sensuous - delirious - so sensuous
Delirious experience

Strip naked soul soup
Ooo - the deviant ingredient.
So sensuous - delirious - so sensuous
Deviant ingredient

Champagne cocktails on my table
Ciggie butts in the ashtray

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Crew cuts and bouffants - expectations
Listen to the xylophone play

There s a daisy chain in the drivin rain
They do the slow Boogaloo and the Shang-a-Lang
It s the yin and yang Shang-a-Lang
Slow Boogaloo is what they do

With the deviant ingredient
Got the deviant ingredient

I got to have it
I got to have it
Have it
Have it

(Pink helicopter sequence)

I am now an eroticist
I am a fully eroticized being
No more neuroses
I found my strip naked soul soup
With the deviant ingredients