Down For My Stacks Lyrics

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[Dee Money Verse 1]

When I was lil all i could think about was gettin dis cheddar had dreams of being like 2pac or even better so i was down 4 my stacks and i made a killin turned it over b.gizzle to resolve my feelings.

[Dee Money Chorus]

I'm down 4 my stacks i'm rollin wit b.gizzle mayne i'm down 4 my cheddar

[BG Chorus]

I'm down 4 my stacks i'm rollin wit dee money mayne i'm down 4 my cheddar

[Dee Money Verse 2]

Mayne If u Know bout hustlaz then u know bout me, rollin wit b.g ready 2 get dis cheese, pullin and poppin triggaz, ready 2 get these stacks ready 2 to show these niggaz dat my nigga geezy back, rollin in a impala wit 23 inch chrome rollin on firebird giavonni stones, ready 2 show da world

dat i'm down 4 my stacks, and send these niggas packin wit dat monkey on em lackin,and show these niggas why i keep a heata under my jacket i dress in all black to impress cause i'm a 9th ward nigga, new orleans only hustla, and i'm down 4 my stacks nigga I lean wit it i rock wit i do da fema bounce wit it, I need my fema stacks nigga,go back 2 new orleans and pull up in a fema lac nigga,Katrina shut us down we makin a come in 06 nigga believe we coming back,im gone come back swinging and wreck katrina

then do her something wrong i'ma let off three or 4 bullets straight off in her dome,i'm a ride 2 da nolia and meet b.g. and let katrina have nigga best believe me.


[BG Verse 3]

i'm da type a nigga dat grind wit no sleep, i'll be a lie if i said i ride wit no heat i stay posted on da block,i don't run away from cops,i just let dem niggaz have call dee money tell give dat heater out his jacket, i'm a magnolia prince a vl hustla, chopper city boyz we grind all summer,

it's me, dee money, hakizzle, gar, mike, and, sniper us 6 together nigga we dogging rifles mpulling triggas, bust ya brain, killing niggas 4 pocket change i'm down 4 my stacks and nuttin less, i'm da type a nigga dat'll pull ya blood vessels out ya chest,r.i.p. 2 my nigga soulja slim, he been my nigga ever sense he was magnolia slim, when been hustlin on vl ever sense i was young n thuggin,but now dat he gone, a nigga thuggin in public,

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my daddy named me christopher, lost him at thirteen he left me hakizzle and my mamma carol dats my queen,i been bad ever sense,i been trying 2 get dis monkey my back,so i called dee money, and now i'm down 4 my stacks.


[BG Talking]

Yeah Make sho ya'll go pick up my nigga dee money new album ya heard me,

called LIFE AFTER HURRICANCE KATRINA, It's CHOPPER CITY yo dee say something 2 em right qick

[Dee Money Talking]

No I ain't a hater don't get me wrong, you made it a hot line,me and b.g. made it a hot song peace.