Soulja's 4 Lyfe (skit) Lyrics

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(Dee Money Talking)
Wat's Up Gezzy
Bout ready 2 do dis thang let's go

(Dee Money Verse 1)
I'm a soulja 4 life me and gezzy do dis each and evry night got da game on lock bust niggaz poppin collars pullin triggaz bout dat money bmy nigga get it ready and pop a nigga like me u just can't stop
(BG Verse 2)
It's ya boy geezy bout dat money i stay straped known gettin paper and keepin that kay on my lap i'm bout mine chopper city is a army all ya gotta do is be real and put cut on it i'm reel 2 da streetz den u know where we can meet cause i'm know 4 gettin money evry day of the week.

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(Dee Money Verse 3)
I ain't wit dat sleep walkin a soulja 4 lyfe i just thug talkin 2 da streetz evry day i do it keep da block den i do it blow up da city i'm from new orleans ya heard me my and geezy do it from dat nine 2 dat nolia

and remember 2 but cut on r.i.p. soulja 2 da slim
and ya'll i like 2 introduce yall 2 da new chopper city
artist dee money peace.