Hellboy Lyrics

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Well thereÞ‚'s a cat in the cradle / A man on the moon / Dope romanticism / In a silver spoon / And burning in the shadow fire / Mutant powers take me higher / In Infernal Justice League / NothingÞ‚'s quite how it first seems

Faster than speeding train / Is it a bird or a plane / Hellboy

[lyrics was taken from http://www.lyrics.my/artists/babylon-whores/lyrics/hellboy] I got a soulless luxury / A Babylon of flesh gone bad / I am a real gone ding dong dad / And I will nuke this head of mine / All the way past the sun / IÞ‚'ll take you all to kingdom come
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High as a kite / And out like a light / Calling the gods / Really outta sight / And all the friends / I thought I had / Are really just a load of crap / Who needs shit like that in Hell / Who needs anything in Hell