Mother Of Serpents Lyrics

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Oh do not wish for a thing
'Lest the gods punish you with it all
The things youÞ‚'re looking for you'll never find
In this life
For all the auguries vague
Oracles drunk with a sulphur spring
Still sought the three-faced Hecate
Cursing holes
On moonless nights
For what is more
Forever or never more
Never or forevermore
Seek not the glories of the world
The fleeting beauty of things soon gone
The flowers of the meadow that spiders suck
Black as disease
DonÞ‚'t look for coins in the ground
DonÞ‚'t turn the roadside carcasses
And donÞ‚'t you loaf too long on a crossroads
On moonless nights
This for good kings of Argos

[lyrics was taken from] This for their gold and silk
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Opium, honey and milk
Up on the navel of the world
Beneath the Mother of Serpents
The fear of life
Burn our future sibylline
In the fires of a Roman dream
Where do we go
Mother of serpents
I donÞ‚'t want to know
The night and Erebus proclaimed
And threefold Hecate of hundred names
Who minds or who revenges injured love
On moonless nights
Oh donÞ‚'t eat the yellow snow
And donÞ‚'t you never give all thy heart
DonÞ‚'t believe the voices of the dead
On moonless nights
This for a coin from the ground
This for whatÞ‚'s already mine
- Never ever look behind
Our mother of the Serpents