Angels Of Mercy Lyrics

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There must be angels of mercy
Lookin' down on me
'Cause when I look up to the sky
I swear I see
Angels of mercy lookin' down on me

Well, I know what I know
And you know what you know too
And I know that you know
Exactly what I think of you
And if I were you and you were me
I wouldn't blame you for not liking me
Even though we aren't enemies


Time can have a way of changin'
Everything you think is right
And time can have a way of takin'
Everything you hold too tight
So you search for explanations
And you find some now and then
While the angels
They're gettin' impatient
With your experiments


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I believe there's a power of healing
That comes with experience
I believe in believing your feelings
Even when they make no sense
But I believe that the way I'm going
I'm gonna end up too soon dead
Well, when asked to give my reasons
This is what I said

I might have used my education
If I gave a shit
I might have spoke for my generation
If I agreed with it
Now some say that I've gone crazy
But I ain't gone nowhere
Some say I'm apathetic man,
But I don't care

I admit that I'm a loser
I admit that I am scum
I admit I like cheap beer and women
As much as anyone
I don't worry about the future
Who knows what that will bring
I just wait and see what happens
And pretend I planned the whole thing
So let's see what tomorrow brings

(Chorus 2x)