Sister Shirley Lyrics

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Everyone that should has got their dark glasses on
But it's not as warm as I expected
I've paraded your photo through San Mateo
Dreamin' '86 was resurrected


And some thought they'd seen you, sister Shirley
I swear I saw you meeting them
With better clothes and a different smile
Where on Earth should I begin

Northern California's got that brochure appeal
But where's the wine that you poeticized
Nineteen and pregnant and hatin' the means

[lyrics was taken from] You responded to your thought dream cries
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Sun affirms the Bayshore Freeway, the moon burns bright in Burlingame
Two weeks straight our Daily Bread's conclusions turn the same
Face me if and when I face you, black and white, how we embrace you

We love you and we hate you


What's your name now, sister Shirley
Did you run to better ground