Return To The Praesidium Of Ys Lyrics


Bal-Sagoth - Return To The Praesidium Of Ys

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I was spawned deep beneath the Pre-Cambrian sea,
the scion of a far distant sun...
I have traversed the endless stars,
and journeyed to a myriad galaxies...
The dimensional gates of the multiverse
are mine to voyage effortlessly beyond,
Cosmic infinity is naught to one such as I...
I am as one with celestial eternity...
Clad in gleaming pentlandite armour,
on a whim I may reshape entire worlds,
Or extinguish the blazing light of a sun...
and I remain forever enchanted by sylphs...

I have seen demons lick your ivory hands,
And watched you ride naked upon the backs of fire-dragons...
Your eyes sparkle clear as hoar-frost,
And yet they are thrice as devoid of warmth.

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Wielding this power cosmic, the omniverse is mine to conquer!
Our progency shall rule the very cosmos itself!

Arcane power lances from my fingertips,
Life withers before my baleful gaze.
The proud citadels of great antediluvian empires
Have been razed to the ground by my zircon blade.

Your invocations unleashed the great worm
Which compelled the devouring seas to Atlantis...
Riding the screaming crest of fettered lons,
I shall bring my crystalline chaos where order reigns!

Return with me... beyond the stars...
Rule with me... a thousand worlds...

The Galactic Nexus has empowered me
(I am gloriously, eternally omnipotent!)
And as a god I shall return to the Praesidium of Ys!