Hailstorm Trilogy Lyrics

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[Part I: Slavery And Delusion]

Chained into morality of nailed one
living by the prophecy of slavery and delusion

Heaven and Hell
Forgiven sins
Nailed one
Slave morality

Prophecy of the fall
Fall of the church
Church of slaves
Slavery and delusion

[Part II: Inferno Winds]

Can you hear the whistle
the whistle of those winds
Sinister messengers
they bring the storm
Can you hear the message
from the voice of the wind
be silent, just listen
Inferno winds

Message and prophecy - of destruction
Message and prophecy - of devastation
Message and prophecy - of burning fire
Message and prophecy - Inferno winds

Close your eyes and feel
touch of the wind
first softly, then harder
it comes with it's claws

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Claws of coming thunder
the thunder and the storm
Introduction for storm
Inferno winds

This wind brings the storm
Infernal hailstorm
Sulphurous thunder
which reaps the crop
Crop of this globe
Harvest of slave crowd
now burning so grimly
Inferno winds

[Part III: Hailstorm]

Oh hailstorm...
I see words of chaos and death
written on your black wings
Deicide, Genocide
Black Metal fills the air
Destruction, devastation
Massacre and great death

Hailstorm, great death

Beasts of war
Riding on the wings
Wings of the storm
Great hailstorm

oh hailstorm...
I see words...