Ask Yourself Why Lyrics

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When you're just out walking and you pass
Little signs that say "Keep off the grass"
Did you ever stop and ask yourself why?

Pretty playgrounds children used to know
Little squares where lovers love to go
Disappear so parking lots can grow, why?

Once you start the questions never cease
What's disturbed when you disturb the peace
Pet's and children are prohibited
Why? Ask yourself why?

And when you think about it

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Recommended wholesome nice and clean
Making love's the thing that can't be seen, why?

Let your hair down just an inch or two
Let your skin be red or green or blue
They invent a special name for you, why?

On a clear day, oh say can you see
What remains of mountain greenery
And your glimpse of all the scenery, sky

Beautiful sky, as shiny as a penny
So when you're out walking and you pass
Near a sign that says "Keep off the grass"
Put a sign right next to it that says "Why?"