More In Love With You Lyrics

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I've known the smiles that melt your heart away
Those past imperfect words that lovers say
I've danced through the dawn, kissed and closed my eyes
Yet all to soon, those sweet "Hellos" became "Good byes"

Almost love, but never quite, never seemed exactly right
Just another love affair, then I turned and you were there
You smiled and the world never was the same

[lyrics was taken from] I was in love before I even knew your name
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Instantly I knew all my life has led to you

And though the child in me was dazzled by your charms
A women was awakened in your arms
Who dreamed I could feel all the things I do
It seems all too wonderful, impossible and yet it's true

I feel I'm falling more in love with you
Each day I waken more in love with you