Sadie, Sadie Lyrics

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Act two opens with the newly wed, Fanny and Nick
Arriving at their home in Long Island, Fanny's friends
Have prepared a surprise party for them, Ziegfeld is there
Hoping, Fanny will be in his new show, he's even hired
Her friend, Eddie as dance director, Fanny's Ziegfeld friends
Ask her what it's like be married and she replies

I'm Sadie, Sadie, married lady, bow, when I go by
I'm a corporation now, not me, myself and I
Oh, how that marriage license works?
On chambermaids and hotel clerks
The honeymoon was such delight

That we got married that same night
I'm Sadie, Sadie, married lady, still in bed at noon
Racking my brain deciding between orange juice and prune
Nick says nothing is too good for me and who am I
Not to agree? I'm Sadie, Sadie, married lady, that's me

She's Sadie, Sadie, married lady, meet a mortgagee

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Oh, sit me in the softest seat, quick
A cushion for my feet do for me, buy for me
Lift me, carry me, finally got a guy to marry me

I do my nails, read up on sales
All day the records play
Then he comes home, I tell him, oy, what a day I had today
I swear I'll do my wifely job, just sit at home, become a slob
I'm Sadie, Sadie, married lady, that's me

She's Sadie, Sadie, married lady
Sadie, you did the trick, it's nothing,
Not every girl can get herself a guy who looks like Nick
Wait, to tell the truth, it hurt my pride
The groom was prettier than the bride

Sadie, Sadie, married lady, husband, house,
A mortgage, a baby
Sadie, Sadie, married lady, that's who?
That's you, that's me, married lady
Say hello to Ziegfeld's married lady, Sadie