Therapist Dialogue #3 Lyrics

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[speaking]you've just ended a long relationship, is that correct?
Yeah, it was just one of those things...
One of those bells?
Yeah, that now and then rings!
Have you ever been in therapy before?
Have I ever been in therapy before? well, before my last two doctors, I was into bioenergetics and biofeedback and now I'm really fascinated by "jung", you know, the collective unconsc
The archetypal triangle father/mother/child, that all comes down to that, doesn't it?
Yes, it does...i would think all the different types of therapy must have must have been very confusing...
Yeah, with all the transference and conter-transference.
Sometimes I don't know whether I'm the patient or the doctor!
-who are you?
-i'm dr. lowenstein!
-what kind of show do I have to put on for you?
-what's bothering you?

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-can you tell anything good about your parents?
-are you crazy?
-so you feel that your mother betrayed you?
-doctor, about the cigarettes...
-you're changing the subject again!
-who are you?
-my name is melinda!
-i beg your pardon!
-no, we still have a few moments!
-do you guys still work on commission?
-i charge u$150 an hour!
-are you crazy?
-no, no, I'm normal, I swear!
-i don't know what normal is!
-we're on the right track!
-time's up!
-did I do all right?
-you can go now!
-so long, doctor!
-see you later!

I don't care if you're the patient or the doctor, relationships are difficult to have. I guess the only good thing about unrequited love is that it's been the inspiration for some of the greates
Gs ever written. like this next song by harold arlen and ira gershwin.