Starting Again Lyrics

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And it started again, and I meant every word
And I like what I said, and I liked what I heard
And I started to think, I could think about starting again

We where laughing again over memories and wine
And the years in between didn't seem along time
When I smile she knew why in awhile it was starting again

And I started to think, I could feel again
All the bad times seemed unreal
When she looked in my eyes
The cheating, the lies, the things that were wrong seem far behind

Then I started to think, I could care again
And my fears all disappeared
When she called me by name, I knew that she changed
The flaws were all gone, the saint remained

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But it started again when I asked her to stay
And she said there's this friend who's in town just for today
And she really felt bad but she had to be leavin' again

And she left me again as she left me before
Still pretending she cared when we kissed at the door
But I saw in her eyes that the lies were all starting again

Just when I'd started to feel again
When all the bad times seemed unreal
When it all seemed so right
And I tough that tonight if she said she cared

She really might just when my fears disappeared again
And I heard what I wanted to hear it all started again
And I knew what that meant
It wasn't the start, it was really the end