Settle For Everything Lyrics

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When she drives away when she takes that turn I know she'll be gone

And she won't look back so she'll never know this time she was wrong

I tried all night long but nothing I said

Would make her turn east when she's headed west

But I'd give her my hand I'd give her my heart

I'd give her my coat when the cold weather starts

I'd spend every dollar I got on a diamond ring

I'd give her my dreams fulfilled or undone

And pull down the stars in the sky one by one

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But she won't settle for everything

If it's somewhere else always someone new then the locking's what you love

And you're sure to find a lonely life if you look long enough

I can still taste goodbye in that last tender kiss wondering why it ended like this

I'd give her my hand...

There's nothing on earth no more I can say her love may be gone it faded away

I'd give her my hand...

Oh no she won't settle for everything