Slit Down Lyrics

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Slit down from the thorax, to free all,
the gas that should not be there,
the cerebrum will have not survived,
upon close examination, from the chest to the skull,
has show the movement of fluids that the surface refused,
co-injections have failed to prepare the remains,
there's much too much to be saved, decomposition has claimed,
what was an animal frame with it's organs and brain,
will be dissected and then reduced to mush,
It's not to be chopped to bring you power,

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it's only to be devoured,
what is it now that you throw doubt upon,
don't ask of things you not meant to have or know,
have or know,
Pre-embalming purge, and rotting pigmentation,
extra firming fluids, and hardening compounds,
nasal aspiration.