The Beta Band Rap Lyrics

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We're the Beta Band and we're nice and clean
We're always polite and hardly ever mean
Times have changed, we used to be smelly
We lived in a squat 'til a punk nicked our telly

Since we've been signed we eat real good
We always wash our hands and chew our food
Quashis rotis are our favorite dish
Served spicy with chicken or fish

In the world of fashion there's two shining lights
Nancy and Caroline they helped us alright
And Gordon Anderson played a big part
Just when the Beta Band was about to start

It all started in London town
When we gave our demo to Phil Brown
Then we met Miles at Parlophone
And let him hear dogs got a bone

He said go to Falkner and put it on wax
So the next week was spent cutting four tracks
Now a manager was needed to make us complete
Miles knew a Wigner we should meet


His name was Dave with the broken specs
A quiet manner and enough respect
We met at Nachos and cleaned the plate
A meal like that we'd never ate

Then we met Brian and the Microdot crew
Martin, Matt and John Plat too
Adrenalin Village was the place to be
We had no money so they got us in free

The first thing Dave did as boss

[lyrics was taken from] Was make us play Water Rats in Kings Cross
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We played five songs got credit for four
Went down well so we decided to tour

Next up was Henry and Nich
Making the show go without a hitch
Up and down the country and side to side
With big yin driving it's a bumpy ride

Miles gave us an album deal
We said yes and went for a meal
Drinking champagne at EMI
The irony almost made us cry


We went to Wales and fannyed around
Ended up with the Patty Patty Sound
With open minds we went to achieve
Chris Allison caught it all on Neive

He hummed and hawed and became a pest
Twittering on about the old Neive desk
We had to call in Keith and Miles
When Chris' hair got caught in the dials

We started to get known on Radio One
When Jo Whiley got a fax from my mum
Mary Ann Hobbs invited us to play
At Maida Vale we spent a day

With Chris Allison's hair cut free
It was time for Cornwall and the third EP
With a glock and a sax and a mighty gong
All we needed was a hit pop song

We thought this time we were on a good start
But they made a new rule that banned us from the chart
The songs were good so we didn't give a toss
And we called it Los Amigos Del Beta Bandidos