I'll Stay With You Lyrics

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Close your eyes and I'll hold you here
It's just the sound of your aching heart
It's all right if you're feelin' scared
You've hurt for so long inside the dark
Now you can cry for the world out there
Loving out loud with only half a heart
Come inside and I'll kiss your tears

It's still the sound tearing you apart
I'll stay with you
I'll stay with you
I won't leave you alone
I'll stay with you yes I want to

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I'm gonna take good care of you
And if you need me all night or until I grow old
No you don't have to ask me to
Yes I'm gonna stay with you
I'll be right at your fingertips
Hold on tight and we'll get through this
Angels are calling from all around
Lifting what's broken comforting what is bound
I am here when it's hard to breathe
Now you can rest in your time of need
I will surrender and kick down heaven's doorIf you can't remember what is good anymore