I'm Backin' Up Lyrics

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It's scary how you move me
There's a heartbreak in the air
And every time you hold me
Seems like the perfect love affair
I've got a real uneasy feeling
That I've been down this road before
Here's where I always start believing
Love can't hurt me anymore

I'm backin' up

[lyrics was taken from http://www.lyrics.my/artists/beth-nielsen-chapman/lyrics/i-m-backin-up] I can't let you any closer
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I'm backin' up
I need a little time to think this through
Don't want my heart
On a roller coaster
I'm backin' up
I better get away from you

Now you've heard that old expression
You gotta look before you leap
I've already learned that lesson
So until I know you love's for keeps
I better get away from you