You Hold The Key Lyrics

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One moment in the wink of an eye
There was nothing I could say
This strong feeling started up inside
I knew time would not erase away

For you, oh...
My heart is brave, my time is free
I believe deep down in my soul
You hold the key to holding me

All I know is what I feel
Baby, what I feel I can't conceal
I never play those games of mystery
Feelings come and feelings go
In a world where yes means yes and no
You hold the key to holding me

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It's so easy to believe someone
When they tell you what you want to hear
I've trusted words that turned to clouds of smoke
As they faded in the atmosphere

But with you, oh...
Those words don't come so easily
I wonder if you even know
You hold the key to holding me

(repeat chorus)

One broken heart, you think twice
You feel you can only trust yourself
I've come across that desert
So sure I was never gonna find your love

(repeat chorus)