Mr Goldstone Lyrics

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Have an egg roll, Mr. Goldstone
Have a napkin, have a chopstick, have a chair
Have a spare rib, Mr. Goldstone
Any spare that I can spare, I'll be glad to share!

Have a dish, have a fork, have a fish, have a pork
Put your feet up, feel at home
Have a smoke, have a coke
Would you like to hear a joke?
I'll have June recite a poem!

Have a leechie, Mr. Goldstone
Tell me any little thing that I can do
Ginger peachy, Mr. Goldstone
Have a kumquat, have two!

Everybody give a cheer Santa Claus is sitting here
Mr. Goldstone I love you!

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Tell me any little thing that I can do
Have some fried rice, Mr. Soy Sauce
Have a cookie, have a few!

What's the matter, Mr. G?
Have another pot of tea, Mr. Goldstone I love you!

There are good stones and bad stones
And curbstones and glad stones
And touchstones and such stones as them

There are big stones and small stones
And grind stones and gall stones, but goldstone is a gem!

There are milestones, there are mill stones
There's a cherry, there's a yellow, there's a blue
But we don't want any old stone, only goldstone will do!
Moon stones, sun stones, we all scream for one stone
Mr. Goldstone we love you!