Dressed In Blood Lyrics

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My Knife - Your Blood
Your Death - My Life

We'll call upon thee, who shall rule the earth
The time is right for Satanic Birth
We sacrifice in the name of our Lord
Step inside the Pentagram and test my sword

Drink from the chalice of liquid life
Feel how the blade eats you,
make love to my blood-stained knife
As it penetrates and you cry out in pain
Lightning crack the sky, now Satan shall reign

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Your Death - My Life

Dressed in Blood - Ritual Horror
Dressed in Blood - I'm your Ritual Death
Dressed in Blood - Ritual Horror
Dressed in Blood - Dressed in Death

We fight side by side, blessed with Hellish fury
We fight the hordes of light, god we shall bury
We will prevent a second sacred birth
Nothing can stop us now, Eternal Hell on Earth