Hallways To Hell Lyrics

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[Music and lyrics by Blackheim]

666 Black Candles burning bright
Your guide to walk into Satan's light
Obey His sins under wrath and might
Enslaved forever below an earthly height

...You're Doomed now to enter the Land of the Damned

Hallways... to Hell
Behold the Infernal sight
Hallways... to Hell
The christ in you we'll fight
Hallways... to Hell
No more colours white
Hallways... to Hell
Trapped in the Devil's night

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Down the pits of a malicious paradise
Where the Flames purify truth to lies
Heaven shall kneel before Satan's rise
Holyness shall be trampled on as feeble mice

...You're Doomed now to follow the Bark of the Dark

Hallways...to Hell
Evil Blood never dries
Hallways...to Hell
Horror and Fear in your eyes
Hallways...to Hell
Christian faith melt as ice
Hallways...to Hell
Destruction and Death rolls the dice