The Rippers Return Lyrics

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[Music by Vargher/Blackheim, lyrics by Vargher/Wrathyr/Blackheim]

As the Ripper returned from the Dark
With a strong urge for Blood
Seven deadly blades, with the Devil's mark
Satanic tools to slay the ones of god

The Ripper's Return
You're going to burn
And Die by the Blade in His hand
The Ripper's Return
Nowhere to turn
Blood is spilled all over the land

You try to hide, but there is no escape
You're one of the dead
By the Ripper, your soul was raped

[lyrics was taken from] Your christian blood runs red
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"As the first knife, rode the wings of the night
The second one sunk into a sea of flesh.
While the third knife gazed into the heart of men,
The fourth one reflected the horror of midnight death.
And the fifth slaughtered all the women and children of god,
While the sixth blew out all other candles of life.
And finally, the seventh knife is now staring into the eyes of

As the Ripper descended to Hell
Called by the horned Lord below
The Hellcult unleashes His ungodly spell
All victims are tortured in Hell