Alcohol Is The Root Lyrics

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[lyrics was taken from] I know this is gunna sound kinda bad, but this is what I have to say and this is what I kinda what I believe
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ALCOHOL IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL. Don't worry its just my opinion don't get so defensive don't look so pissed off, im not talking about you specifically. I don't even know you! Im talking about my life. On my twelfth birthday at Mary's house in Lexington I had my first beer, I spit most of it out, her older sister friend who was feeding it to me in his truck, in the drive way, he was 16 uh we were listening to foreigner and he was putting his fingers down my pants. I was trying to be a grown up gurl, drinking a beer. Well I drank beer for 14 yrs, ya know every bad thing that has happened to me would not have occurred, if alcohol wasn't involved. The last boyfriends out of my total 10 would never have even started if I hadn't been drunk as hell when I met em. God looking back I shake my head. Its surprising isn't it I could never hold my liquor. Never once in my drinking history did I not get fully pissed, every time. I have never ever had one drink and I have never ever been sober after two. Cheap date the funniest date, the loudest joke, the potty mouth. Well I remember this one time standing behind the bar where the bar tender was working and because I knew two photographers from national geographic were sittn at the bar I was showing them my tricks watch the Canadian gurl pick the pimento out of the olive with her tongue, yeah always a barrel of laughs. How could I be taken seriously I was drunk., I don't know, I feel kind of weird I feel kind of stupid its weird, in not necessarily bitter, but I cant never drink again, I feel better I feel in control, I don't know how I drank, I really don't know how I drank all that time. I don't think drinking is for everybody, but I don't think not drinking's for everybody, but I got to say, sobriety make heign sight beyond 20/20. And I still think and will always maintain, ALCOHOL IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL.