Ships Lyrics

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Look at him now, another used man
Wearing the passing of his dignity with all the courage that he can
He stood in the storm, carved out in stone
He said I've worn my honesty with pride in everything I've done

So where were you when my ship went down
Where were you when I ran aground
Where were you when I turned it around
Where were you when they burned me down

You see her now, all tired and worn
She never thought her life would come to be so cold or so alone

[lyrics was taken from] She walked in the light, fought bondage for love
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She said I cast off the chains that I was born with but it never was enough


Silent souls washed up on the shores
Left to walk the sands evermore, evermore

Look at you now just chasing your life
Make like the saviour of the planet
You're just trying to get by
Now you may walk the line, you may see it all through
But I know you cry yourself to sleep at night just wondering what to do