Unloved Lyrics

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I know you know
Just how it goes when it goes
And how it feels
To be lost and left alone on your own
And what it's like
To give all you got and have to stand and watch it
As it walks away
So everyone deserves a chance to live and learn
From mistakes
That we make and hearts that break and bridges burn
Starting now
From this moment on nothing's gonna go wrong
Love is here to stay

You'll never be without
You'll always have enough
When you're in my arms
You'll never go unloved

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And for all of it to come
No matter where you go
I want you to know
You'll never be unloved

So in this life we lead
Some things are guaranteed
You can
Count on the fact that hearts won't act responsibly
Now and then
Comes a love that's heaven sent and meant to be
So baby look at me