See You Tomorrow Lyrics

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Met a mercenary once
Pushing lethal steel
Wanted me to watch his back
While he did his deal

He must have been a loser
Or he wouldn't have looked to me
But I have to say, I liked the thought
Of living that guilt-free
Watching the way the women walk
Makes me think of you
And all my sins and all my stalkers
Affect me that way too
The pain on the horizon
Can't sink me in sorrow
'Cause I know I'm going to be
Seeing you tomorrow

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See you tomorrow
See you tomorrow

Look at that big fat full moon
Hanging in the night
When I feel it calling me
The shackles seem to bite
These chains of flesh are sour and sweet
But these we must explore, oh
I know I'm going to feel complete
When I see you tomorrow

O--see you tomorrow
See you tomorrow
See you tomorrow