Edge Of A Dream Lyrics

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if tommorow never comes - would ya still
belong to me
guess i've always known it was meant to be
we took a second chance on love and it carried
us away
now it's gettin' stronger day by day
the closer it gets the further it seems
it's always one step out of reach
on the edge of a dream
you know you are
on the edge of a dream
we've been waitin' for this chance to be free

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on the edge of a dream
and if nothing ever changed - would you feel the
same way too
ya you know i'll always be there for you
'cause they say the strong survive
and we've nearly made it thru
now we'll soon be seein our dreams come true
the harder it gets the harder you fall
it never turns out like it seems
movin' in and out of love - ya can't say we
never tried
i knew that you believed in me - i can see it in
your eyes