I Get My Paper Lyrics

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I get-I get my paper all the time, I keep tellin' you

Cassidy the problem, c'mon!
All my people out there, gettin that cake man
Take somethin out your pocket, and put it in the air like this
Put it in the air like this, and say some shit like this, c'mon

I get my paper on my block, I get my paper from my block
I get my paper on my block, I get my paper from my block
I get my paper all the time I keep tellin you

Look if you deal coke and you still broke, start grindin more homes
Cause I'ma drug conniseur homes
In the hood good jobs is hard to find like dinosaur bones
I'm tryin to start shinin more homes
That's why I make 'em hurry up and buy like that china store homes
Cause they'll give you time for a dime or more of stones
And tellin ain't my twist, I ain't that kind of boy homes
But a lot of niggaz singin like the Commodores homes
I'm ridin when it's time for war homes
The chrome on my hip, can flip a fully grown dinosaur homes
I'm the kind of boy known to split domes when I pop the Taurus
I spray rounds that could lay down a tyrannosaurus
My mind like a thesaurus, I'ma shine regardless
My brain a dictionary, lames I'm quick to bury
I spit scriptures and put pictures on obituaries
So get your own sound or hustle a home now, nigga!

[Chorus - repeat 2X]

Yeah! E'ry bar that I write like a brick of that hard white
I've truly been blessed, it's a gift from the Lord Christ
But yo if you livin the hard life

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You can't get back the hand you was dealt, so play your cars right
They say you ain't promised tomorrow right? (Nope)
So I stay in the street, like a deer that stay in that car lights
With the high beams on and the fog lights lit
I get, my lean on on some B.A.R.S. type shit
Until, my cream gone I'ma ball like this
In my all white tee and my all white kicks
And I still toss the white on the strip that's why I floss like this
With the frostbite wrist cause we all quite rich, I love this life!
I threw different color ice, in my cross like Swizz
And all I give broads is hard type dick; have 'em twirlin they tongue
Yeah I know I got a girl and a son, but umm
It's a man's world and I'm as thorough as they come - WHAT?!

[Chorus - repeat 2X]

Yeah! I'm from a block where niggaz get it poppin at
Where cats is known for boxin and poppin gats
But you gotta aim low when you poppin that
Cause that hot shit got kick like a soccer match
I'm from where the M-1's and the choppers at
Feel me where you can come to go gun shoppin at
You rockin plaque, got your chain with the watch to match
Watch your back if you go and you ain't got your gat
Cats'll jack your pop he ain't got a strap
Cats'll rob your mom if she got a stack
Cause niggaz tryin to get paid
And niggaz not tryin to get waged when they rockin the stockin cap
Round the way they got gourmet pots of crack
And you would spend like 24 for a block of that
My niggaz tryin to get the cheese but no not the rat
I'm from a block where snitchin ain't a option at

[Chorus - repeat 2X]