You Are Loved Lyrics

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Verse 1: When i promised i'd be there and told
you i would always care (Well i ment every word)
And i know it's hard to let me close, those times it really hurts
the most, i'm trying desperatley to be heard
Though you, (though you try to), push me away, i can feel your sorrow you don't have to be afraid cause you

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Chourus: You are loved, Somebody told me to tell you, you've been waiting for someone to say. You are loved, so let your heart be encouraged, it's gonna be okay cause you are loved
Verse 2 : No your not alone you've got a friend ( You've got a friend), to be by your side from the start to the end, And i will always be around for you(I'll be around for yah) So whenever, you began to doubt, Oh my love for you will show just how i'm faithful and that i remain true. No matter( No matter) what life takes you through, you see i will be the one that you can always come back to cause you,yeah yeah
Vamp : Beleive within your heart from this moment on, there's someone who love you in a special way, no matter what you do no matter what you say, just remeber this everyday
Outro: Someone told me to tell you.....Someone told me to say (Told me to say that you) You are loved (you gotta believe it) Some one told me to tell you..........someone told me to are loved-repeats (And the song fades)