Boarding Music Lyrics

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get in your fighter pilot
and drop those bombs off
make your plans work
untill the mad dog is quiet
beat resistance, break defences

Mister P. wants you to hit your targets
boy, its gonna be a mess down there
to save... to pay?

when the rain curtains fall
no escape from euphoria
we all seek shelter for ourselves

Mary meets the sky

shattered by the storm of desire
to hold you once more

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with the light out, here
I feel like a silent preacher
as I resent the sky above me

can't stop
I've been waiting for so long
been up all night chasing the dawn
with this devil upon my heels

I won't go mad, I won't go numb
the desert is cold, my baby is gone
a valley of hope dried up in the sun

I won't go mad, I won't go numb
they put us apart, the damage is done
but here in my heart the battle is won