Float To Escape Lyrics

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Cold waves
Of the foaming flood
Over the lowland
Of gray soil
The flowin' like an impulse
From hearth to the brain
Impulse of salvation
When I was dying

Driving the darkness away
Closing the eyes
Tryin' to escape
From the finality
Buyin' moments
Without the haggle
Changin' soul into the matter
To sell it for the breath

tell me how did it happen
When I was touchin' your thoughts
when I was tryin' to tell
tell what I'm afraid of

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How did it happen...

Sentenced for the blaze in a fog
Laugh's chokin' the throat
Laugh empty as the streets
During a dusk

To find onself
In the middle of huge ocean of world
Walkin' the dirty'n'grey pavement
In the silence of solitude
In the clatter of the city

To stay with face wet of rain
with longing for the dreams that passed
Feelin' the joy of the empty moment
Stuck in my memory

Then start to go again
With raised head
In to the whirl of life
So impenetrable.