The Ray Of Cry Lyrics

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We took another step
to raise the dark from source
to drink from vanity
the wall of our dreams
crack the ray of cry
crack the ray of light
to fade out the sun
crack the ray of cry
crack the ray of light
conscience stopped by the gun

We put your soul on the ground
that one reason for your fear to be bound
put your soul to
be bound

[lyrics was taken from] We cried the endless night
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so pleased with the loosers' reward
closed in the silent crowd
we played on soundless sound

Le temps esi l'ombre, la vie un de clin.
partout autour ie sons la destruction.
le calm mortel pas un son,
quelque chose a dispari,
le temps est l'ombre pare me des ruines.

Skies of the velvet clouds
burnin' like a damn blind eye
why did we throw that crown?
what will the naked soul find?