Summer Country Skies Lyrics

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Summer Country Skies
Charlie Landsborough
Songs From The Heart

You find romance in the grace
of this dirty one eyed town
Me I've got to get away
what gets you high just gets me down

And the difference in our dreams
I can briefly summarize
You are winter city streets
I am summer coun--try skies

Every day my heart cries
for the blue summer country skies
You can keep your kitchen sink
I can see a mountain stream
You escape inside a drink

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There's a hunger in my heart
nothing ever satisfies
In these winter city streets
give me summer country skies

Unlike you my heart dies
neath the blue summer country skies
By your fascination grows
with the pleasures of the night

My imagination goes
on a multi colored flight
To a land that wears a smile
and where beauty filled my eyes
Parked on winter city streets
neath tha summer country skies