Who Loves Who Lyrics

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Watch that man get up and go to work every day
And watch that woman send their little girl outside to play
And watch and you might see the milkman drive up to the door
While the baby plays with her old ragged doll and sings these words once more
Baby loves her dolly true but who in the world who loves who
And as she combs her dolly's curles sings who loves who in this whole world
Who loves who in this old world

Watch that man come home from work which scared hand's so sore
Watch his woman never look as he comes through the door

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And watch that little girl try to climb upon her daddy's knee
As he coldly pushes her away and turns to his tea
Watch that little girl go to bed and slowly search for sleep
Watch her watch her bedroom door but no one comes to peep
And as she listens to the lonely restless dreamless night
She thinks of her tomorrow and holds her dolly tight
Baby loves her dolly true...