Still I Stay Lyrics

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(Michael Patrick Heeney/Patrick McManus)

I've packed these bags 1000 times
If not for real, then in my mind
'Cause darlin', our love all but died
Long ago, long ago
But each time I've crossed that door
My heart says, One chance, give it one chance more
Love might find us like before
But Lord, don't I know that ain't so

Still I stay, still I hope
Someday we'll find the love we lost on down that road
And that somehow these dyin' hearts can be saved
Just might be saved
Still I stay with these dreams

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And pray that it's not as bad as it seems
But it is, it's just that way; still I stay

It might appear that I'm a fool
Just for stayin' here with you
And sometimes I swear it's true
What can I say? Nothin' to say
'Cept I'm won't run and I won't turn
As long as this hope in my heart still burns
Sure you'd think I'd finally learned
But not today, not today


Oh it is, it's just that way; still I stay