Kheimos Lyrics

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[Music: Hast & Sipila & CHARON Lyrics: Hautamaki]

Internal night - I see your stars
A blackended light - eternal scars
Extinguished sky - storm arise

Aeon of Aiyn

Swirling winds greeds my end
Time no more, cyclic vortex
Around us

So it has always been
The undone and deceased
never was and never

[lyrics was taken from] The WILL and the FAITH
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So I have seen the gate is closed
The region of SOUL for no one to know
Behead the minions let the liquid life flow

For what is a salvation for the wicked
Samhains dew the blood of a slain god
SPRING from the fountain of knowledge

Coronation when the moon is full with blood
Ordainer from ebon crown
Wields the sceptre of the proud