The Land Of Slaughter Lyrics

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A journey through ones eyes and I gaze into the light.
Infernal screams paint this world in different shades of red

Empty eyes stare at me, false belief of the untrue ones.
Eternal sleep awaits, millions of hands raised in the air.
Scream! Reach the top of their voices!
The time to strike is now.

Eye, behold the wisdom of few, reincarnation.
Deeds of minority form this world.
Reincarnation untrue.

A thousand miles above, to sounds of roars I watch the bricks fall.
The newborn ones tell no lies,
still they share the same air as the dumb.

Feel no fear, feel no regret. They have showed us the way.

Eye, behold the wisdom of few, reincarnation.

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And I laugh at the crowd.
Reincarnation untrue.

You fired blanks at my icon,
take my hand and I'll guide you to the end.

Different patterns, they all end up the same.
Different shadows that blend with death.
Be prepared to die, the sick and twisted shall walk in line.
Behold the wisdom of few, reincarnation untrue.

Eye, behold the wisdom of few, reincarnation!
Extreme aggression, a prelude to perfection.
Reincarnation untrue.

Know, this is the last step, we are already at the end.