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Baby, every now and then you disappear from this earth
And where you been and where you go I don't know
But when you didn't up for till 2 I'm like where was you
Late again, didn't call on a cell that I bought

I figured out when you open your mouth
First you start forgettin' then your palms start sweatin'
Then you twitch, twitch
You can't disguise when you're caught in a lie
You always reply with a twitch, twitch

It's true your body language told on you

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Tell me what'd you do
First you lie, start to stutter

You're guilty and one day you gonna feel me
But you should know it's not right
It's not okay, I wasn't born yesterday

Speak up, I can't hear you
What did you say boy, wussup?
You so crazy acting this way
Is there something in your eyes?
'Cuz you twitch when you look at mine