Life Is Ruffles Lyrics

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I needed some time, time to myself
Like maybe I'd like to escape
I wait on the rhyme, dead on the bed
And then it hits me in the face

Don't walk away, I'm better now
It's just a song was comin'
But now that it's here
We're in the clear
I gotta keep on runnin'

And I couldn't help myself
Everyone's looking for something, sometime
No I couldn't help myself
Think life is rough?
It's ruffles!

[piano breakdown]

If life deals you cards nobody wants
Don't give up so
Easy to get whatever you want

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You just have to

Visualize the future
Picture yourself in the mirror of your mind
This is how dreams come true, oh
Life is ruffles
It works every time, every time, every time

Works every time!

[piano interlude]

Life is... ruffles! Yeah!

Life is... ruffles!

Life is... ruffles! Yeah!


[piano outro]