Deputy Dan Lyrics

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Deputy Dan

Just another pure heart
A wide open mind
Driftin' like a cork on a sea of dreams
Playin' the school boy
Makin' believe
Dyin' to fill the shoes
The really big shoos for the TV screams

Standing on the sidelines when I was a kid
Talkin' bout the heroes and the war
Living on the frontlines wasn't quite the same
Something deep inside of me had changed

[lyrics was taken from] Dedicated upstart entourage
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In the garage
four crazy Juveniles
Burnin' up the midnight miles
The gigs
The juke box guinea pigs
Spending our prime
Hey man
Honkey-tonk women just one more time


Took a ride on the wild wind
And lost myself an old friend'
Don't ask me now if I'd do it again