She Told Me So Lyrics

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We all know how the story begins
How we fall so easily in
To love
Then a boy breaks a girl's heart
A girl breaks a boy's heart
Goodbye is a very hard word to forget
But I think I finally met
The girl
To take away those yesterdays

Oh she loves me, she told me so
As a tear came to her eye
And I love her, I will, I know
Love her for the rest of my life

Once more I'm feeling like I'm out of control
Cause the girl's got a serious hold
On me
And part of me says run away

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But I wanna stay
Should I be up front or cool
Which way is playing the fool
The only time I know what's right
Is when I hear her telling me

Somewhere there's a star in the sky of every night
Shining for the love of hearts
The light of that star, like the hand of a friend
Leading me back to love again

If you love her let her know
Let her see all the secrets in your heart
If she loves you she'll only love you more
As she find out who you are