Lunar Lyrics

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"The crew is bedded down for the night, and here's an announcement from mission control."

"Hello Apollo 11 Houston, we've got the network all configured for the TV, you can, eh, start any time you want, over." "Okay, we'll, eh, reconfigure the TV for that."

"This is Apollo Control Houston at eighty-seven hours and thirty-one minutes now into the flight of Apollo 11. The Apollo 11 space craft continues on its frontside pass above the moon. We're now less than ten minutes away from, eh, loss of signal. The Apollo 11 crew are currently in their rest period. We've, eh, received, eh, no indication yet that any of the three crew members are actually sleeping, eh, although all three appear to be in a very restful mode."

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"This is Apollo Control at sixty-one hours thirty-nine minutes. We've had no further conversation with the crew since our last, eh, report. Our flight surgeon says there is no indication at this time that they have begun to sleep. But we expect they'll be, eh, getting to sleep here shortly. Coming up in, eh, less than 10 seconds now we'll be crossing into the sphere of influence of the moon, and our displays will shift from earth reference to moon reference. At sixty-one hours forty-one minutes this is Apollo Control Houston."