Bonsoir Ché–žie Lyrics

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Good night, sweethearts
It's time to go now
Arrivederci, tally-ho, au revoir, adio
You've been so wonderful, I don't wish to go
But this completes my show

Bonsoir, ch' ie, Je vous partir
Bonsoir, ch' ie, Je vous partir
Je vous aime, beaucoup ch' ie
Bonsoir, ch' ie, bonsoir

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Be strong, Pierre, hang on ch' ie
Avec plaisir, as you know
It's been beautiful, it's been mellow
That is why I don't want to go, oh no!

Good night, sweetheart, I got to go now
Time won't permit me to play no more now
But I'll be back to do another show now
So good night, so long, bye, bye